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GTTN Service Provider Directory

Welcome to the GTTN Service Provider Directory. This tool helps you to find expertise to help you authenticate wood species and geographical origin. There are two ways to query for laboratories: 1) query by product, helps you to find a laboratory based on the wood species, product type, geographical origin of the wood and some other parameters - this approach also helps you with defining a service request email so that your selected labs receive a service request with all the information they require to assess your needs; 2) query by location, helps you with finding expertise based on the location of the laboratories, which may be important if e.g. you are legally bound to cooperate with labs within a specific jurisdiction. Please note that the search results will only display information of laboratories for which a representative approved the SPD content. If you are representing a laboratory and need to update or add information then please contact jo.vanbrusselen@efi.int.

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Potential service providers

The above information will be used to formulate a service request, which will be sent to the laboratories that you select from the query result here below. This list represents a match between your service requirements and service providers capabilities as recorded in the database. When you click the button, an email will be generated and you will receive a copy of that message. While we facilitate contacting these laboratories, it is upon on their own discreetion to contact you back. GTTN will not intermediate directly between SPD users and service providers, other than by this automated SPD service request. Your query with the above parameters produced no results, the list below is the result of the "widened" query. These laboratories may still be able to analyse your product. The text "updated" after a laboratory name indicates the record was updated within the past year. Laboratories with updated metadata will appear on top of the search results.
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